Get your Analytics account set up just right

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Start by getting the basics right

Healthy Google Analytics

A healthy Google Analytics account set-up means you can develop better
insights, make data-driven decisions and improve business outcomes. You can
set your account up for success by following these four simple steps.

Turn on bot filtering: If bot traffic is included in your Analytics
metrics, you won't get the most accurate view of how real users are
interacting with your site. Here's

how to get started editing your View Settings so that traffic from bots is
filtered out.

Check your tagging: Are you sure Analytics is measuring all your site's
traffic? To be certain, check that you tagged your site properly with help
from Google Tag Assistant
Want to tag your site just once and then easily make updates without
re-tagging? Then use Google Tag Manager

Activate Google signals: Gain a full understanding of customer behaviour by
learning how customers engage across devices. When you activate Google
you can access four new reports about cross-device behaviour.

Review your insights and reports: Regularly checking your Analytics
metrics, such as Behaviour and Conversion reports, helps you understand how
your users are engaging with your site. You can make it easier to keep tabs
on your account by setting up scheduled email reports


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